Web development is our most challenging part of the business. The website should look simple but at the same time interesting. Web design should have its own meaning and also be related to your trademarks and colors. Contact us with confidence. We will present your business in the best possible way.

Web development

In order for the creation of websites to be done properly, it is necessary to start from the ground up.

  • The first step is a conversation with you in order to find out all your needs regarding the appearance of your company on the Internet and, with our advice, present your business to the world in the best possible way.
  • The second step is to create a web page skeleton on which your entire website will be based.
  • The third step is when the code is written, when the layout is created and the latest visual technologies are used so that your business has its original identity and shines in full glory before the eyes of users.

In order for web design to be of high quality and serious, the rules should be followed.
The appearance of the website should be related to the business. It should be neat and easy to read with well-arranged spaces. The colors should be calm and relaxed and create an environment in which the user will feel comfortable, and especially an environment in which the customer will want to return.

izrada internet stranice

Što je sve bitno za Vaše internet stranice ?


A simple look

It is necessary for the user to easily get to what he wants, without a lot of clicking and searching. Everything should be within reach of one or two clicks.


It should be clear to the user where he is and everything should be easy to understand. This brings order to the page, which will display all parts of your website in an organized manner.

Light colors

One of the most important items is the selection of colors that should create a calm environment in which the user should feel comfortable.

Simple navigation

Navigation can contain a lot of links, but it should always be simple and intuitive. The user should quickly and easily find what he is looking for.
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Internet browser compatibility

It is important to check the appearance of internet pages in each browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer) so that the visual impression is always the same.

Visible content

The organization of space on the page is very important. All elements on the page should be arranged so that functionality, accessibility and intuitiveness are at their peak.

Pictures that speak

Selecting images is a very difficult job. It is necessary to choose images that make sense, that look good and that attract the eye.

Be original

Create something that will make you recognizable, something that will make people remember you when they need your services. It requires a lot of work, but nothing too difficult for our team.