SEO or search engine optimization (optimization for search engines)

In a nutshell, this means the process of improving your website to increase its visibility when people search for products or services related to your business

Digital marketing on search engines (SEM) takes place in two parts: the ‘free’ part (SEO) and the paid part, i.e. PPC. SEO allows you to be found in search engines for terms important to your business, identity or brand. What we can do for you is to make it possible for you, using our innovative methods.

Our SEO strategy and philosophy

Our SEO optimization as part of the digital marketing plan is elaborated to the smallest detail, efficient and most importantly, the results are long-lasting. Our SEO optimization is efficient. The steps we take to help you reach your goal are safe, moral and valid. We take a slow step because SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Our goal of website optimization is to appear on the first SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

SEO optimization

On-site optimization

..on-site optimization is a way to ensure that all elements on a website work properly, such as title tags and other meta data. Before we optimize our pages, we need to check whether they are designed for users and whether all the content on them is relevant to their needs.

Off-site optimization

…is the process of improving the visibility and ranking of a website beyond its own content. This can be done through things like link building and promoting the site on social networks.

Technical optimization or “technical SEO” the process by which search engines make your website easier to find and use. We use special tools to see if the website loads quickly and looks good on all devices.

We have a policy of transparency and are always here for you.

  • After you contact us and explain in detail what your needs and expectations are, we thoroughly research the target market, that is, your competitors, and in accordance with the findings we develop and propose the best possible plan for your success.
  • We pride ourselves on using only the most up-to-date technologies and methods that are efficient (useful), ethically correct and 100% in accordance with Google guidelines so that your results are maintained over time.
  • We set realistic goals. We never promise what we cannot deliver, we always do our best and strive to deliver more than what we promised you.
  • If you want an instant result, try Google Ads first
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  • If something is not clear to you, you have any doubts, any questions, suggestions or anything, we are at your disposal.
SEO optimizacija

The main features of our SEO services

Keyword and competition research

Our keywords as well as the competition are very well researched. Right at the beginning, after the initial analysis, you will know what and where your goal is.

Optimization of internal links

Every website, including yours, in order to comply with SEO rules and standards, should enable the proper flow of “link juice”. All pages should be adequately linked.

Navigation optimization

The navigation on the page should be clear and properly arranged. Links should not be buried too deep. All pages should be accessible in no more than two clicks. We will make your site “user friendly”.

Optimization and content creation

All meta-tags must be correct and correctly written, just as the content must be of high quality, unique and grammatically correct. Let us take care of it.

White hat link building

Link building according to Google guidelines requires time, effort and hard work. Don’t expect overnight results, but expect results that will get you where you want to be for a long time.

Landing page optimization

There are rules according to which all the elements on the page form one functional unit and as such have their task to turn the visitor into an active user or customer. We know where a button, field or image should be and how it should look.

Local SEO

If your company operates in a narrow area, it is very important that local residents find you and know when and how they can reach you. They will know. We guarantee.

Detaljna i pravovremena izvješća

You will always have a detailed insight into what we are doing. Certainly, we are here for you.