If you need a logo or a complete graphic solution for web or print, we will create a graphic visual for you that is recognizable and reflects your personality and professionalism.

Our services:

Graphic design for visuals for social networks, logo, flyer, poster, business cards, menu, banner, billboard, price list, advertisement, stickers, brochures, flyer, packaging and more.

We are here to help you design and build a visual identity that will adhere to your company’s image and properly showcase your products and services, whether you want to update or create a new visual identity.

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Visual identity

A professionally designed visual identity determines not only your visual recognition on the market, but also your communication with the market. The visual identity also shows your professional approach to work, how much you value your product or service, and how much importance you attach to clients, partners, colleagues – because all this creates a global image of the company.

Brand logo

The name and logo are the basic recognition of the brand. They are followed by the thoughtfulness of its marketing breakthrough on the market, positioning, quality… But for the brand to come to life, a good and professionally chosen name (which is not easy to come up with) and a memorable and effective logo in line with the brand are the cornerstone of the brand story – the first client touch with the brand.


Packaging is one of the biggest creative challenges. What are your packaging requirements? Is it that the products are transported and transferred undamaged, or that they stand out on the shelf with their excellent design among a multitude of similar ones? Is what you need a completely original gift packaging with a shape, idea and appearance that will be hard to resist? Complex and demanding tasks of packaging – the uniqueness of the idea, construction and performance always motivate us.

Knowledge and skill

Designers and copywriters must be people with talent and declared creatives. We believe that, in addition, a lot of work and experience on different projects is also necessary. In our work, you need to be able to recognize the situation well and to react correctly visually and textually. It is essential to be able to identify with the client and observe things from his perspective. It takes a lot of interest in different things, a broad general culture, continuous learning and joy towards the new and unexplored. As a true cultivator of ideas – our team has all of the above.


Already during the agreement, and especially from the moment the project begins, we count on the complete trust of the client, because without it we cannot manage the project properly and efficiently. It is important for us that our clients know that we will react at any moment so that the end result for them is the best possible. We truly care and work on every segment of the project as if it were our own. We understand each project as a kind of match with the client’s competition, the client and we play for the same team and only victory comes into play.

Care for the client

In our work, you need to know all the segments of the creative process perfectly and keep them under control so that the final product is delivered to mutual satisfaction. Rarely does a project arrive for which there is enough time – trust our estimates. Count on our “interference” in all segments of the project, even those that apparently have nothing to do with us. Of course, we can solve the entire project for you in our arrangement – exiting or consolidating your position on the market through communication, concept, design, printing, programming…