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Advertising using Google Ads

Why Google Ads? Google Ads (Google advertising) is paid online advertising where your ads are displayed only when a user performs a search for a specific keyword for which you have decided to advertise. In other words, your ad is shown to the right people, in the right place and at the right time, when they are searching and interested in the product or service you offer.

You have complete control over the costs and determine how much of your budget you will spend. The most important thing is that you pay only when someone clicks on your ad and after the click comes to your website.

Where can Google Ads appear?

  • Google search network – Your ad is displayed in text form when a potential client searches for the keyword you are advertising for.
  • Google Display Network – Your ad is displayed as an image on more than 3 million web pages. At the same time, it is possible to define exactly the desired portals, types of articles (eg articles about yachts or articles about health or articles about marketing) or the interests of your potential clients. The biggest advantage of this type of ad is remarketing, i.e. re-displaying your ad to visitors who have already visited your website once.
  • Gmail ads – ads as an extension of a display ad arrive directly in the mail (inbox) of your clients. Users can read the ads and, if they wish, forward them to their friends.
  • YouTube ads – video ads that are shown to a desired and specific audience when they search, ie. they watch videos on YouTube.

What can be achieved through Google Ads?

  • By advertising through Google Ads ads, you can achieve any goal important to your business:
  • More visitors to your website
  • More purchases on your webshop
  • More inquiries about your products or services
  • Stronger spreading of awareness of your brand, the so-called brand awareness or various other goals/increases you want to achieve
  • And the biggest advantage of Google Ads ads through the search engine is that through such ads you get those people to your page who are looking for exactly what you offer. You only pay when someone clicks and comes to your website, and ads are shown only to those we designate as the target audience. That’s why Google ads are the most profitable form of advertising.

Want to create your own ads and manage your Google Ads account? We also have a solution for you – Individual course for Google Ads

If you have the desire and time to learn how to manage your Google ads on your own, we offer you an individual course. I do individual education live or via video call and screen sharing. You will learn how to create your Google ads and successfully manage your Google Ads campaign.

Contact us with confidence and invest your money wisely and create successful targeted advertising with the help of Google ads!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools for monitoring and analyzing traffic on your website. The mentioned tool offers a large amount of data about your traffic, that is, about who is viewing your pages, what they are looking for on those pages, how they get to your pages and much more. Any business aiming for success on the Internet should use Google Analytics.

Should you use the Internet for advertising?

Analysis of your website’s traffic is the most important element in finding the right path to success. With data that can be extracted from tools such as Google Analytics, you can determine the exact path of your business in order to achieve the most in the shortest possible time.

What can be read from the Google Analytics report:

  • The number of visits to your website
  • List of locations where your traffic is coming from
  • Calculation of the dwell time of your visitors
  • A list of keywords used to reach your website
  • How do you achieve your pre-defined goals…
  • …there are many, many more advanced reports

What can Google Analytics tell you?

Who visits your website and when

Who are these people who come to my site? Where and when do they come from? How old are they? We’re sure you’d like to know.

What do visitors do on your website

Find out how visitors move once they arrive at your site, whether they buy, whether they subscribe, whether they find your content interesting. Do they stay there for a long time or do they leave immediately. We will help you to keep them as long as possible, to turn them into active visitors who bring profit.

From which website traffic comes

Find out which pages are sending you the most traffic. Does someone come directly to your page or through another site. Are social networks responsible for your traffic or is it simply traffic that you bought yourself, for example through Google Adwords or other services.

How successful are your marketing initiatives?

Of all the marketing initiatives you’ve taken, which are the most effective? Find out if there are any obstacles and problems that you need to solve in order to achieve success.

Everything about your website from the technical and user side

Find out if your pages are friendly to visitors, but also to internet search engines. How long does it take to convert a visitor into a client? Test everything from page loading speed, text size, colors, to images, videos, prices and more. Don’t leave anything to chance.

What are your most successful products and services?

If you have a webshop or sell some services, you can set up an e-commerce option in order to track which products and services are your best sellers or most successful. Track all transactions, their volume, revenue, average value, and the time and days when these conversions occur.