What digital marketing is? Digital marketing, online advertising uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to potential clients. This includes search engine marketing, Internet advertising on certain sites that provide this service, and types of visual advertising such as text, photo, video banners, and mobile advertising.

Should you use the Internet for advertising?

The Internet as a medium has been long time ago the cheapest and most effective way of advertising. You can advertise on sites that are heavily trafficked, such as portals, blogs and the like, or you can opt for some services that offer advertising through search engines such as Google Ads, where in addition to flexible and guaranteed display of your ad, you can also choose how much you want to spend…as well as advertising on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn… as well as SEO optimization… as well as link building… as well as content marketing… as well as analysis through multiple professional tools… and all that is digital marketing…as well as many other things, and you can find out exactly what interests you in detail after the initial contact.


  • Initial state of your digital marketing strategy and SEO analysis of your website
  • Creating successful strategic digital marketing plan that you can further implement (if you have a trained “in-house” person/persons)
  • Social networks (creation and management of business pages and advertising on social networks)
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • PPC (pay per click) advertising
  • Link building
  • Setting up and maintaining advertising campaigns…from Google Ads to social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) as well as domestic networks such as Midas
  • Creation of slogans/texts/banners + graphic design
  • Maintenance and creation of websites
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of your paid campaigns..using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush, aHrefs, MOZ and others.
  • education (from the basics of informatics to web design and digital marketing courses …educations are possible for individuals or groups)
  • …and much more tailored to your needs – if you need a digital marketing strategies.
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Digital marketing - SEO, Google Ads, Social media marketing... and jump to the top?


Internet marketing using Google Ads

Web marketing through Google’s advertising system is the most powerful means of advertising. Countless options, options and cost controls.

Ads on Facebook

The internet advertising service offered by Facebook, i.e. Facebook Ads (Ads), also represent a great opportunity for your business.
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Ads on other websites

Depending on your business, advertising on specialized portals and websites is recommended.

Creating ads

It is very important that your message in the ad attracts the interest of potential clients. You have little space and time for that.

Banner creation

The banner is the basis for your advertising. Whether it was plain text, a picture, an animation or an expensive video, it is important to attract potential clients.

Recommendation of exclusive offers

Through advertising, offer something exclusive in addition to the standard offer. Games, animations, discounts, prize games, quizzes… the possibilities are countless.