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Digital marketing

What digital marketing is? Digital marketing, marketing strategy, online advertising uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to prospective clients. This includes marketing through search engines, Internet advertising on certain sites that provide this service, and types of visual advertising such as text, photo, video banners, and mobile advertising.Read more »
Izrada internet stranice

Web development

Web development /web design and web site is our most challenging part of the business. The website should look simple but interesting at the same time. Web design should have its own meaning and also be connected with your trademarks and colors. Contact us with confidence. We will present your business and your digital marketing plan in the best possible way.Read more »


SEO optimization is part of Internet, or Inbound Marketing, which enables you to be found in Internet search engines for terms important to your business, identity or brand. What we can do for you is to make it possible for you, using our innovative methods. SEO optimization is what you need. Also, if you need all package: digital marketing courses, digital marketing strategy then it’s time to contact us now.Read more »
Google ads

Google Ads

Stand out on the Google search engine and improve your business with Start Digital. Google Ads (Google advertising) is paid online advertising where your ads are displayed only when a user performs a search for a specific keyword for which you have decided to advertise.Read more »
digitalni marketing

Social media marketing

Nowadays, the most important thing is your status in society, in the Internet society…and you can get it by social media marketing. Authority on social networks is probably among the most important items on the Internet, also part of different digital marketing strategies.Read more »
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Graphic design

If you need a logo or a complete graphic solution for web or print, we will create a graphic design for you that is recognizable and reflects your personality and professionalism.Read more »


In order to create a good internet product, it is necessary to design a good branding. From the appearance of your logo and the colors that will accompany it to the offers you will offer.Read more »


When it’s time to create a new campaign for your business, be sure to consider that quality photos are the ones that attract the most attention and increase sales.Read more »